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  1. Time IS speeding up.  At first, I thought this was merely a personal perception.   As my friend, Alex, once pointed out – people experience “time flying” as a result of repetitious experiences.  In other words, when you’re younger, everything is new and the memories made are more vivid and concrete whereas, as you grow older, you tend to cover the same unmemorable territory which leaves no lasting impression.  It simply feels like time is flying because there are fewer recollective touchstones to harken back to.  It sounded like a plausible theory, but I prefer a more cosmological hypothesis.  Time started ticking off at a glacial pace with the Big Bang but has grown speedier as the universe hurtles towards its inevitable end, the Big Crunch.  Alternately, a microcosmic application of the same hypothesis holds that it’s not the universe but my life that’s nearing it’s inevitable conclusion  and that the…

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