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baterista9 writes: “Are you requested by “powers that be” to cast guest stars from other NBC /Universal /Syfy /SPACE network series or films?”

Answer: In fact, quite the opposite.  We try to avoid casting actors who have appeared in other scifi shows on the same network.

“2. Do you anticipate any 21st-century product placement in Season 2? Or any coordinated advertising that reflects DM’s plot line?”

Answer: Uh, I’m not going to say no and would certainly be happy to do so if it felt organic to the story…but I’ve never seen it work before.

J writes: “Did 6 have his memory the whole time or was he triggered somehow?”

Answer: The fact that he passed the lie detector test in Episode 103 makes it pretty clear that SIX did NOT have his memory the whole time.  In fact, we can’t be sure that his memories were ever recovered over…

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