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Only two more days to go on Amanda Tapping’s directing tour-de-force and I miss her already.  She’s is going to deliver one hell of a second season premiere episode and, quite frankly, it’s bittersweet.  Sweet because it’s sooooo damn good and will cause many heads to explode.  Bitter because you’ll have to wait until summer of 2016 to experience that cranial rupture.

And, hot on Amanda’s heals, is another favorite of mine, Bruce McDonald who will be sitting in the director’s chair for the EPIC Episode 202.  You are all in for such a treat.  If you thought season 1 was bingeworthy, just you wait.  In the next thirteen, the effects will be bigger, the stories more compelling, and the twists and turns a hell of a lot more shocking.  I CAN NOT WAIT…on your behalf.


That guy sitting on the infirmary bed?  He was admitted after hearing everything we have…

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