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“He loves to dress up!” – Akemi on Bubba and his silly festive outfits.

I was somewhat dubious but have to admit that he does seem to enjoy all of the attention/sympathy he receives when he’s out for his walks.

Lulu, on the other hand, prefers to go au naturel, running and hiding under the coffee table at the first sight of her winter jacket.


Akemi has been feeling unusually “knitty” of late but has apparently hit a roadblock after forgetting how to knit a hat.  Pictured above: her frustrated look.


My girls.


We wrap production on Episode 201 this Friday and, after a weekend of R&R, and – hopefully – a win from my Snow Monkeys in their first playoff game, we’ll be off to Montreal to spend Christmas with mom and sis.  Like last year, I’ve loaded up on my podcasts for the 6 hour drive.  Ivon…

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