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“I can read distant street names but I have a hard time telling who I’m kissing.”

– Me trying to explain my farsightedness to Akemi.

Apparently, I need reading glasses.  I say “apparently” because I’ve been doing just fine without them although my optometrist feels there’s room for improvement.  I’m trying to hold off on making them a permanent part of my routine which has disappointed Akemi who believes I risk worsening my condition (and also finds my quite dashing in the specs).  She seems to have accepted the fact that I refuse to use them for my late-night reading, but that doesn’t stop her from slipping them into my laptop case or into my carry-on whenever I travel. While I appreciate her concern – and persistence – I think I’m making the right call here.  I’ll never forget my writing partner telling me, years ago, that once you start wearing reading…

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