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Production on Dark Matter’s second season commences Wednesday, December 9th with the ever-awesome Amanda Tapping at the director’s helm.  Amanda has been BUSY these last few days, scouting, meeting, selecting, and generally prepping her vision of our big season premiere.  The cast and crew are thrilled to have her back!

As we barrel toward our first day of principal photography, the final pieces are slotting into place…


Oooh.  The roof in Gen. Pop. is coming along nicely, as is the rest of the structure.


I’d describe the cells as austere-Spartan chic!


As I’ve often said: “It’s the small things” – in this case, all the tiny details that make up the wall elements on Hyperion-8 – that lend the show that depth of realism.

Hyperion-8 training room playback.

Meanwhile on the home front, Akemi is getting into the Christmas spirit…

Much to Bubba’s chagrin:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.34.54 AM



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