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SDCC, Day #2!

x Akemi ready to rock San Diego, Day #2!

x All aboard the Vikings Express!

x Steampunk Bobba Fett

x Stormtroopers!

x Gotham something?

x Sam Maggs and me!

x Blindspot!

x Hey, look who we ran into walking the floor

x Jodelle’s autographed backpack!

x Hmmmm

Hellsing! Hellsing!

x Homer?

x Jodelle Ferland Presents…

x Kill Bill

x My buddy Cas – Assassin’s Creed!

x General Ursus!

d Dunno

x Dr. Strange!

x Neko stockings!

x Mario!

x Goodies!

x Abu Driver, rock star!

x Jim and me

x Me and Jeanine


x Scary

x Akemi can’t resist

s Vanessa stops for a snack

Squirrel Girl! Squirrel Girl!

Dark Matter SDCC Panel: The Intros…

Video (1 of 3):

“Ruby Rose won’t be the only familiar face to join Dark Matter’s amnesiatic crew this summer.”

“If there’s anything to be learned from the cast of the sci-fi series Dark Matter, it’s that nothing is at it seems.”

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