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The second instalment in my Weird Food Purchase of the Week: Weird Soda Edition:

Some Dark Matter links:

The Summer Studs of SyFy (P.S. After last episode I’m sure you’ll agree they’re missing one!):

An Episode #107 post-mortem:

“As we do every week, we talked with Mallozzi all about Episode 7 for more information on Three’s backstory, a look into how some of Wendy’s special talents and skills came about and how things are looking for the Android next week.”

An Episode #107 review:

“Snap, Crackle ‘n Pop. The latest episode of Dark Matter was the sexiest episode thus far, at least suggestively anyway. Brace yourself, because Dark Matter definitely went there this week. The Raza crew finally gained access to the secret room, we found out Three isn’t a jerk ass after all, and One and Two finally hooked up on “Episode 7” of Dark Matter.”

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