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As promised, the twists, turns, surprises, and revelations are coming fast and furious as we barrel toward our BIG season 1 finale.  And, in addition, there are those wonderful character moments that serve to shed light on our crew and their respective relationships: the unlikely pep talk, the drunken dinner sequence, the hug!  Numerous individual fan contingents seemed particularly thrilled with this episode.  I’m talking about #FOURCLAN, #FIVEHIVE, #SIXPACK, and #FANDROIDS!

And they weren’t the only ones.  Check out some of the online review…

“Overall, I get the sense that the writers of Dark Matter know exactly where their characters and storylines are headed. They continue to dole out puzzle pieces in a deliberate and methodical manner.”

Oh, we know exactly where we’re going.  And, when this first season comes to its dramatic conclusion, prepare to have your mind blown.


“Slowly the first season of Syfy’s Dark Matter…

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