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Dallas Marshall writes: ” Will Bubba get a Daddy-Son day, too?”

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.55.05 PM

Answer: Bubba is a big momma’s boy.  He’s much happier hanging at home with Akemi.

clevere1 writes: “Is Paul still show running with you Joe?”

Answer: Although Paul is a co-creator and an executive producer on the show, I am (and have been) Dark Matter‘s only show runner.

screwball writes: “If she comes to the set, any chance of getting a picture of her posing with her namesake? Maybe with Anthony Lemke demonstrating the proper way to handle Lulu (and Lulu)?”


Answer: You mean like this?

jeff t writes: “The scripts are done!?”

Answer: Well, the first two anyways – pending the inevitable rewrites.  The rest are coming!

jimfromjersey writes: “Will we be seeing any alien species this season?”

Answer: Well, I did promise the girls in wardrobe…

gforce writes: “Right in the midst of moving my stuff…

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