Somewhere in the fourth season, Lost Girl lost its way. It wandered a little in the third, but the fourth is where the focus on relationships, the offbeat blend of classical lore with modern family and struggles, get fully lost in the push to make long arcing plots convoluted and mysterious.

It’s also where we lost the sexy; for a show which had two steamy scenes in its pilot, for a show which had a threesome by the fourth episode, for a show which did this, for a show with a supposedly insatiable succubus . . . the last meaningful sex scenes came in the first half of Season 3. Whether that’s because of compromises for syndication, or because of the shift in their focus/writer’s room overall, it’s hard to pinpoint. But I, for one, want the sexy back.

Lots of profiles, back-lighting, and one-toned colored backgrounds in this episode.

Opening with a makeout session reminiscent of Bo and…

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