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Last year, whenever I went down to the costume department, I’d notice the dog pictures lining the far wall – funny photos of pooches dressed up as samurai or miners, running a science experiment or playing cards.  A new one would go up, roughly once a week, and I didn’t think anything of it until I took a closer look and realized there was a method to the mutty madness.  Each dog photo was thematically on point!  Samurai Dog = Episode 109.  Miner Dog = Episode 102. Mad Scientist Dog = Episode 111.  Card Playing Dog = Episode 1o4,  Suddenly, it all made sense!

And so, I was delighted to see the tradition continue this year with a brand new picture to kick off the new season.  Pictured above is our Episode 201-themed dog photo.  Teaser alert!

(Last season’s dog pic rundown:

The impeccably dressed Noreen Landry calls the clothing shots! The impeccably dressed Noreen Landry calls the…

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