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Huzzah!  Looks like we’re making a t.v. show after all!  Today, after a morning spent writing and perusing potential casting options, I attended my very first concept meeting of this young season.  Well, okay, it was more of a pre-concept meeting.  In attendance were all of the department heads, line producer Norman Denver, Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, and joining us via conference from rainy Vancouver, EP Paul Mullie.  1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn (Tataryn’s Disease: A disorder common on planets where Serillium is mined, a result of the run-off from refineries leaching into the water supply. In its advanced state, the disease causes rapid decline in specific neurological motor function related to autonomic life-support. There’s no known cure.  How’s that for a coincidence!) oversaw the action.  Topics of discussion included smoke blasts, lasers, black lights, force fields, tablets, shivs, prison gruel, and the sim yard.




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