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Embarrassing things most people don’t know about me but I’m telling you now because, well, you’re my friends.  Also, I’m not sure what else to write about for today’s blog entry.

I sing to my dogs.  A lot.  I have a whole repertoire of original compositions including such favorites as The Apple Dumpling Gang (“The Apple Dumpling Gang! The Apple Dumpling Gang!  Who’s a member of the Apple Dumpling Gang?!” – sung while giving them their apple dumpling-flavored treats), Eat Time (“Eat time! Eat time!  Who are the dogs who’ll come for eat time?  Eat time!  Eat time!  Etc.” – sung when breakfast or dinner is served), and The PooPoo PeePee Song (which really needs no explanation).  I would, on occasion, serenade my late pug Jelly with Let Me Call You Sweetheart while rubbing her ears, a rare foray into non-original material.

I played the clarinet.  Badly.  In high school.  I…

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