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These take me back…


Line Producer Norman Denver at the controls.  As usual.


The initial version of the Corporate Guard uniforms.  Deemed a little too colorful.


We ended up going with basic black.  Always stylishly nefarious.


The Android’s severed hand was a realer than real-looking synthetic duplicate of actress Zoie Palmer’s actual hand, painted, textured and weighted to perfection. Alternately amazing and creepy.

Alex Mallari Jr. runs through his very first sword choreography with second unit director John Stead.

I went shopping with Akemi today.  At one point, she stepped out of the changing room and modeled a potential new purpose.  “Love the top,”I said, “but don’t like the pants.  They’re a little too big and frumpy.”

She frowned.  “They’re my pants.”

Oh.  Upon further consideration, they looked great!

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