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In addition to the Art Department, our crack VFX crew is going to have their hands full as well heading into prep on Dark Matter’s second season.  I’ve already offered up sneak peeks at some of our Maximum Security Detention Facility Hyperion-8 interiors.  Today, I offer you a sneak peek at Hyperion-8’s exterior.

It’s an escape-proof prison not only because of the way it was designed, and the security measures in place, but because of it’s location.  In the unlikely event prisoners actually manage to escape the grounds, they won’t be getting very far.  Not without a spacesuit.

And a lift.

lunar prison base-2-2

Early concept art compliments of the Art Department gang.  They spoil us!

Lunar Base -sketches-2_DM2 copy 2

The only thing missing here is the City of Atlantis (

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