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It started early that morning – whispered conversations, furtive looks amongst the members of the Prodigy Pictures production staff.  “Is this about me?”I wondered. And then, when I saw them sneak the balloons, pizza, and cake into the conference room I concluded: “This IS about me!”.  THIS, of course, being the totally unexpected “Welcome Back to Toronto, Joe!” surprise party they’d no doubt been planning for quite some time.  They’d done their darkest to keep it under wraps but I was onto them.  All the same, I wasn’t about to spoil it for them.  I’d play dumb, I decided.  Act wholly shocked when the time came.


“We’re gathering in the conference room,”I was told, an hour later.  I pretended to finish up something on my laptop so that everyone had a chance to get in there before I showed, then got up and strolled in.

The first thing I noticed…

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