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“I’m at the back sitting under the Hades mural!” said the message.  I quickened my pace.

I had, in fact, arrived twelve minutes early for dinner.  And as I rolled by a parking spot about a block from the restaurant I thought to myself “Maybe I can find something a little closer.”  Fifteen minutes later, after parking A LOT farther, I finally arrived, fashionably late-ish, meeting Tabor CalchekRodney McKay David Hewlett (as instructed) beneath the mural of Hades who seemed to be contemplating something.  Maybe the dinner options?

We perused the menu, picked a few plates, then deferred to our waiter – an older Greek man with his pants hiked up past his belly button.  Well, his fashion sense may have been questionable, but his recommendations were spot on!


Saganaki!  The flaming cheese, presumably laced with ouzo to trigger its blazing entrance, was still bubbling when it hit the…

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