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Some disconcerting news hit the web yesterday:

Yep.  According to the World Health Organization, bacon and other processed meats (hell, red meat in general!) are very, VERY bad for you. They’ve been classified as a Group 1 Carcinogen along with asbestos and tobacco.  Apparently, daily consumption (of the meats, not the asbestos or the tobacco as those numbers may vary) increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%!  18%!  What does that mean?!!  I have no idea.  Does it mean you have an 18% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer if you eat processed meat EVERY DAY?  Or does it mean that that slice of bacon you had for breakfast last Tuesday has increased your chance of getting cancer by 18%?  If the latter, what if you have bacon two days running?  By week’s end, you’d be dead!

Then, today, I came across this article that helped put things in…

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