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In addition to those mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we’ve got a bunch of great directors taking the helm in Dark Matter’s second season.  Take this familiar face…


John Stead: In his first major directing gig, Dark Matter stunt coordinator and second unit director John Stead delivered one of my very favorite episodes of the show’s first season, Episode 110 in which our crew must team up with a group of suspect mercenaries.  He did such a bang-up job that there was no doubt he’d be getting another episode in season 2.

Another round of auditions tomorrow which Vanessa and I will be personally attending (so that I can try out for the part of Arax Nero!).  Meanwhile, construction begins on our new sets.  What, pray tell, will they building?  Oh, come on!  Haven’t you been paying attention?

Okay, here are a few more sneak peek treats compliments of the Dark…

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