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Assembling the directors’ roster for Dark Matter’s second season was challenging for several reasons: scheduling, availability, and a desire to include some capable candidates we didn’t get a chance to work with our first time out.  In the end, we didn’t get everyone we wanted due to the limited slots (a mere 13 episodes!), but I’m looking forward to working with some new (to me!) talent – and excited to be reuniting with some familiar faces.

Falling into the latter category…


Amanda Tapping: She directed Episode 104 for us last season, delivering a fun and fast-paced episode chock full o’ twinning and humor.  The cast and crew LOVED her, so it’s clear I’m not the only one who’ll be looking forward to her return this season.


Bruce McDonald: He directed fan fave Episode 107 (guest-starring Ruby Rose as Wendy the Android) last season and he returns for another kick-ass episode…

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