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First off, a little something I received today from Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter‘s Android) who is at Dallas Comic Con meeting her fans – some of who, it turns out, are Stargate AND Dark Matter fans AND read the blog!

Thanks for the hello’s.  Wish I could’ve been there!  Next time you see Jason Momoa, ask him to tell you the story of how he scared the crap out of two would-be burglars in Vancouver.


Bring the crew of The Raza home with you in this 3 disc DVD set which includes all 13 episodes plus special features including the infamous mole reveal!

Here’s what reviewers have to say about Dark Matter‘s first season:

“Overall then, a series which opens intriguingly and ends with the possibility for danger pushed to cinematic levels. If you’ve ever enjoyed a slice of TV sci-fi, or just love a good drama…

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