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Wow!  I can’t tell you how nice it is to be home, back in a place with a backyard, proper t.v., window blinds, and actual dresser with drawers for storing my clothes!

Nice while it lasts.

I got in a little after 3 pm today and the first thing I did (after greeting Akemi and the dogs of course) was to head over the nearby medical center and get that x-ray. For almost two weeks now, I’ve been suffering from what I’d describe as “a sore right lung”.  Every time I take a deep breath, it triggers a dull ache in the region. On my first visit to the doctor, he poked, prodded, listened to my lungs, then sent me for a blood test that came back all good.  He suspected it was a muscular issue. On my next visit to another doctor, there was more poking and prodding and…

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