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“Excuse me!  Excuuuuuse me!”the guy in the bathrobe called out to the hospital staff.  “Can I have a yogurt?”  When it became clear he wasn’t getting one, he sighed, strolled into an examination room, turned off the lights and went to sleep. There he snoozed peacefully away – until he was chased out by a doctor about twenty minutes later.

As the elderly lady in the gurney started to regale a nurse with tales of her recurring bowel obstructions, I checked my phone.  I’d already been there three hours – but, in that time, I’d accomplished quite a bit: read three graphic novels, one novel novel, taken a blood test, an EKG, and a chest x-ray.  Seemingly out of tests, and reading materials, there was nothing left to do but wait.  And avoid eye contact with the bearded starer roaming the hall.

I’d been suffering from what I’d termed “a…

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