I felt like Vex this week, the man with two faces. I really liked this episode, and I was also exasperated with it.

What I liked: I thought this episode was really well put together. It was funny, it was moving, and it was about characters. There were some twists that shocked me.

The scenes that alternated between the real world, where Bo lay unconscious on her bed, and Bo’s dreamscape dovetailed nicely. The transitions between scenes for conversations between Thomasina and dreaming-Bo to real-life conversations in Bo’s bedroom were great.

I loved the funny things Bo said – “How did I dream a MEANER Tamsin?” Seeing Dyson as Nosyd was also funny. Kris Holden-Ried is often playing a brooding dude, but he is really funny when he gets a chance to be. I also loved the vacuum cleaner joke – at last. And let me tell you, Lola was…

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