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It’s time for a long overdue mailbag…

daithi82 writes: “One question I have though is if there are any plans for the return of the real Jace Corso in season 2? Also why does the Android keep getting stunned?”

Answer: Given the fact that things were left unfinished the last time the crew crossed paths with Jace Corso, it’s safe to assume they’ll cross paths again sooner than later.  As for the Android getting stunned – I believe it happened twice.  The first time, Wexler used the shock stick to incapacitate her.  The second time, SIX made use of a proven method (the shock stick) to take her out of action again.

Keith writes: “You mentioned in an earlier blog post about having a dispute regarding which way of editing a particular scene was “funnier”, and finally taking your laptop around for an office poll – and losing. Can you…

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