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House Spider --- Image by © Digital Zoo/Corbis House Spider — Image by © Digital Zoo/Corbis

From the corner of my eye, I saw Akemi shuffle up beside me and stand quietly by, waiting for me to acknowledge her.  I looked over and she spoke up: “Sorry to interrupt, but I need your help.  There is a spider in the dryer.”

I chuckled.  My poor girlfriend, ever prone to scares.  The beep of a car horn will make her jump; the presence of a house fly enough to send her into a full panic.  I shook my head and followed her downstairs where I grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom, then approached the washing machine.

“Not the washing machine,”she corrected me, standing several feet back, seemingly poised to take off at the first sign of trouble.  “The dryer.”

I couldn’t help but smile.  Another shake of my head.  I opened the dryer door, peeked inside and –…

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