Well, THAT was an utter disaster.

Actually, not utter. The acting not only rose above the content, but was possibly some of the best work this series has seen, especially when you consider how many hoops were jumped through and sharks over.

Ok but she is rocking that suit though.

This episode is a mess of coincidences, arbitrary ‘tasks,’ impulsive moves, anticlimactic scenes, Bo’s rushing into things willy nilly, and breakups.

There are still some good moments: the aforementioned acting; “You’re critiquing my wallow?”; some scene mirroring – the shower scene starting on the showerhead and panning down, most importantly the scene at the bar with Dyson and Bo. The Dal bit is reminiscent of the scene two seasons ago with Dyson and Lauren, still one of the more touching things the show has done and one of the things that helped solidify the friendship between Dyson and Lauren. There, as in here, we have two people who are…

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