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At Akemi’s behest, I am getting moving on those Stargate giveaways I promised a while back.

First up are these lovely matching surprisingly heavy Stargate: SG-1 coasters!

All you have to do is be one of the first to correctly answer the following five skill-testing SG-1-related questions..

What was the first script Paul Mullie and I wrote for the franchise – the one that landed us a staff job on SG-1’s fourth season?

What signature item did director Wil Waring sneak into his episodes as a visual calling card?

Name three of the generals who ran Stargate Command during the SG-1‘s ten year run?

What play does Teal’c unwitting attend at the end of Family Ties?

What parting advice does AU Cameron Mitchell offer our Cam at the end of Ripple Effect?

I’ll answer the winner in tomorrow blog entry.  Good luck!

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