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We were walking back to the car after dinner when I happened to notice the two women vacillating outside of La Taqueria, peering in at the menu, brows furrowed, discussing.  “It’s great!”I assured them. “Best tacos in Vancouver.”

They turned, all smiles, clearly delighted someone had taken the time to engage them.  “What’s good?” asked the one on the right.

“My favorites are the beef cheeks and the tongue.”

“Lengua!”enthused Righty.  “I love lengua!”

Akemi has often accused of being too friendly, critical of my  propensity for chatting up complete strangers at restaurants and supermarket checkouts – but, on this night, even she had to admit I’d done gone, helping out this poor, hungry duo in need.  Hell, if not for my timely intervention, they could have ended up at that Mongolian grill place!  “Damn,” I thought, throwing Akemi the most self-satisfied of smiles,  “I’m awesome.”.  I imagined a scenario where, after a…

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