You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here.

When a show opens with breathily drawn-out



you definitely expect the next word to be


And it wouldn’t be unwarranted.

Wonderful how you can leave something offscreen, but leave no doubt as to what just happened. I'm 100% against censorship, but I fear losing this sort of cheeky skill.

I shot a film last week where we had a limited budget and amount of time and crew. When we originally sat down to plot out the shoot, the first thing we cut was number of locations. To one.

The second thing we ditched was audio. We were in some tighter spaces, we didn’t have a dedicated audio person available, the environment we’d be in wasn’t totally controllable, and good ADR would be difficult to access. Silent film. Bam. Since the final script called for about thirteen costume changes, this was an added bonus; re-mic’ing with all these changes would have taken quite a chunk of time. In fact, knowing in advance we’d have no…

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