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Throughout my life, I’ve been fairly consistent in listing the three things I don’t eat.  They are, in no particular order: popcorn, candied fruit, and Shepherd’s Pie.

In the case of Shepherd’s Pie, it’s a bit bewildering as I do enjoy its ingredients separately – ground beef, mashed potatoes, corn – but there’s something about the sum of its parts that trigger my gag reflex whenever.  Popcorn is just bland – annoyingly so – with those little bits that always get stuck in your teeth.  And then there’s candied fruit.  Do I even need to explain why that’s on the list?

Anyway, these three have made my culinary don’t-go-to list for as long as I’ve been compiling lists and then, last week, the very foundation of my reality was rocked by this –

“I know you don’t eat popcorn,”said Robert Cooper, “but this stuff is great.  I can’t stop eating…

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