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What a difference a week makes.  Seven days ago, my Snow Monkeys were riding high, celebrating their first win of the young fantasy football season.  Today, they’re on the verge of tasting their first loss – unless, of course, the Packers D totally nuts down Marshawn Lynch AND Andrew Luck has the 6-TD game of his life tomorrow night.


On the bright side, Sunday football host Robert Cooper roasted up a delicious crispy-skin porchetta to help take my mind off my Snow Monkey’s sub-par effort.


Defeat may have been bitter, but this pork roast was savory, sweet, salty, succulent and crunchy!

In better news, it looks like we finally got a place in Toronto.  Sight unseen, but the pics look promising.  Well-located, dog-friendly, with a balcony I’ll never step out onto but my dogs will surely make great use of, especially this winter when the temperature drops to minus 30…

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