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You’re being exiled to a deserted island (The chances of this possibly happening to me are admittedly higher than the national average) and you’ve been given permission to bring ten (and only ten) television comedies to accompany you. What are they?

This is my list.  In the event your favorite comedies didn’t make my list, it may well be because I’ve never watched them.  Or have.


#10. The Flintstones

Back when I was in elementary school, my sister and I would hurry home every day at lunchtime so we could watch this show.    Sure, it’s a sentimental favorite but a lot of the humor still holds up.


#9. The Office

The American version was good, but the original was brilliant.  Over the show’s short run, the characters became like friends – and I was sorry to see them go.


#8. The Simpsons

Yes, they’ve been on the air a…

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