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You know what’s even more challenging than keeping seven characters alive in a five act episode?  Apparently, finding an apartment in downtown Toronto that allows dogs.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are a lot of great places to choose from – if we weren’t bringing Bubba and Lulu along for our seven month stay in Toronto. A couple of times, we came close to closing – only to have the owners pull out upon further consideration.  Ultimately, we gave up and elected to go back to the place we stayed last year – far from perfect with its tiny kitchen, shallow sinks, broken bathroom door, cracked stove top, slow internet, and incredibly uncomfortable couch – only to discover that the strata has decided not to do anymore short term rentals meaning…

We’re still looking!  2-3 weeks and counting!

After we wrapped production on season 1, my writing/producing partner, Paul, suggested…

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