Lost Girl often takes advantage of the ability to make a narrative switch at an episode break, as they do here. Sometimes TV shows use the episode break as a cheap way to put off answering the audiences’ questions and prolong the tensions, but here it also allows us to see how the characters themselves aren’t sure what happened. Over the first several scenes we get pieces which reveal Bo and Dyson think Bo has ‘leveled up’ and may be able to put chi into someone without sucking it out of others first, while Lauren thinks maybe her virus tinkering has made her part succubus but she isn’t sure how that works. Nobody knows exactly what’s going on until partway through the show executes something it’s not done well recently: it shows-instead-of-tells a cohesive, clearly understandable answer: Lauren is a conduit. Well, and maybe a Fae. A Faeduit. She’s not sure yet. But this is understandable enough: audience…

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