After such a long time without Lost Girl, it was so nice to be back with this show and these characters. I had missed them so much! I also didn’t have time to do a rewatch of 5.01-5.08, but that was okay because the “previously on Lost Girl” caught me right up.

We were right back in the action and I like that the show didn’t drag out questions that had been raised in 5.08. Tamsin is alive! Mark is alive! And Hades is out of the box and on the scene. Aw, hell.

Let’s talk about Hades for a moment. After being trapped for so long in the box, and going to such great lengths to get out, his behavior was different than I was expecting. He didn’t go into major destructive mode, or seek out Zee and her crew for immediate revenge. Instead, he was calm and, dare…

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