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Our official final main unit day was an event that involved the entire cast – in addition to some thirty extras.  After the final scene had been shot (appropriately enough, the final scene of the show’s first season), we wrapped – and celebrated the end of a challenging but very satisfying year.

And then we came back after the weekend – well, many of us did – to shoot the final day of second unit.  Directed by Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead (who directed Episode 1.10), it involved a single cast member – Jodelle Ferland – crawling through the ship’s vent system…


The labyrinth was constructed in the breezeway between our standing sets (bridge/corridor/underbelly/quarters on one side and infirmary/mess hall on the other).


 We wanted it roomy enough to move through but cramped enough to suggest a tight fit, with plenty of branches.


The “landing strip” that runs down the…

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