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When I was first told that the last two episodes of the season would run as a double-header finale, I didn’t like the idea.  We’d fashioned each episode to end with a huge, more often than not, WTF?! moment that would keep viewers buzzing until the following week’s instalment.  In my mind, the BIG WTF?! moment that ends Episode 112 deserved a week of agonizing and theorizing…but, in retrospect, I’m sure you viewers will greatly appreciate NOT having to wait an entire week after what goes down (quite literally) in those closing seconds.


Speaking of Episode 112, head on over to EW for an exclusive clip feature the man with all TWO’s secrets, Alexander Rook, played by Wil Wheaton:


So what can we look forward to in these last two episodes?  Well, I chatted with TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski for our weekly episode post-mortem and shape-of-things-to-come discussion:

The title…

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