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In case you missed yesterday’s BIG announcement: actor Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s FOUR – wants to hear from you!  That’s right!  Got a question for The Raza’s resident swordsman?  Well leave ’em in the comments section of this blog (limit 5 per customer).

Nope, still not word on that second season pick-up.  But that’s fine.  Have set aside the script and story spinning until further notice to focus on some late, late, LATE spring cleaning.  (Almost) everything must go!  Including those boxes that have been sitting in my crawlspace since I first moved into this house back in 2004. What’s the rule of thumb? If you don’t use something in 10+ years, you can safely get rid of it?

I suppose “get rid of” isn’t the right word.  I’ll donate the clothes and books, sell the toys and comics, and junk things like those filing cabinets, old boardgames…

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