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Well, this marks the first year in over a decade that I won’t be visiting Japan.  😦

Here are some of the new or limited-time-only culinary marvels I’ll be missing…


The Aka Samurai Burger!  You have a choice of fried chicken or a beef patty served with lettuce, tomato and “red” cheese served in a “red” bun – the red hue courtesy of tomato powder.  It’s served with a red hot sauce.


Ben & Jerry’s Strawbearry!  Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate polar bears and marshmallow sauce.

The insanity of Taco Bell Japan!


Lotteria’s potato chip burgers!  You have choice between the Zeppin Cheese Potato Chip Burger and the Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger.  Top with you favorite shaker flavors: Wasabi Beef, Consommé with Punch, Rich Salt, or Dark Nori Seaweed Salt.

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Ramen ice cream topped with freeze-dried beef!

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Ice cream cigares!  These pricey ice…

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