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This morning started like any other day.  I woke up, brushed my teeth, headed downstairs and fed the dogs.  After checking my emails, I decided to make myself my usual post-workout hardboiled eggs.  I walked over to the stove, picked up the pot and noticed something – a distinctive figure on the element created by the residual water from said pot.  A face was staring back at me!


It was a miracle!  A morning miracle!  Perhaps a sign of good things to come?  My immediate thought was that this was proof of the harmony at the very core of our existence, incontrovertible evidence of the designed order underlying the universe: peace, love, charity.  Then, I wondered how I could make a quick buck off it.

At first I considered charging people to drop by the house to witness the miracle firsthand.  Upon further consideration, however, I realized that would present a host…

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