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It is with great pleasure that I announce our very first Dark Matter fan Q&A! Those of you who followed this blog back in the Stargate days know how it works. But for you late-arrivals…

You have the better part of a week to submit your questions for our special guest. Just post them right in this blog’s comment section.  Once we’re done, I’ll forward them to our guest who will turn around answers at their earliest convenience after which I’ll post the whole as a dedicated blog entry.

So, who’s up first?  Well, I can think of no better candidate than one of the show’s most divisive characters – love him or hate him or love-hate him – THREE!


Yes, Anthony Lemke wants to hear from YOU!

Got something to ask him?  Well then start posting those questions!

So, what’d everyone think of Dark Matter Episode 109?  What was…

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