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With the hopes that all our work will not be in vain, we started spinning and breaking episodes for Dark Matter’s second season this week.  We have our season arc in place and thirteen terrific stories – chock full of twists, turns, surprises, action, adventure, humor, character moments, scifi elements and, of course, those WTF?!! moments you’ve all come to know and love.  We’ve beaten out our first three episodes and attack episode 4 tomorrow.

Let’s take a break for another Weird Food Purchase of the Day video:


Scott B. writes: “Part of the fun of DarkMatter is them not knowing their pasts. That’s changing. Will they ever get all their memories back?”

Answer: There are no plans to have the characters fully regain their memories.  Well, except under very specific circumstances.  But that’s a story for another season…

Alisa Scott writes: “could it be possible that 2 is…

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