DARK MATTER -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Zoie Palmer as The Adroid, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O'Neil as Two, Mark Bendavid as One, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Roger Cross as Six -- (Photo by: Dennys/Ilic/Syfy)

I am a nerd and I like shows like Firefly, Stargate (and its spin offs), Farscape and even Andromeda .Don’t get me wrong I like other shows too but I mention these four because after watching the first episode of Dark Matter I think I found a series that takes elements of these shows and then does its own thing giving you some great science fiction with a great mystery added in to the mix.

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Dark Matter is a very unique series in that it has taken an idea that many science fiction shows have used in the past which is the amnesia episode (check out Beneath the Surface). With Dark Matter they have made an entire series out of it, or at least the beginning of a series. This is something I really like the idea of as waking up and not knowing who you are is pretty…

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