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As most of you know, I created and started developing Dark Matter back when I was working on Stargate: Atlantis.  The hope was to roll into Dark Matter whenever Stargate ended…which turned out to be a little later than I’d originally expected.  Throw in a year to script and launch the Dark Horse Comics series, the inevitable/interminable wait for the financing to come together on the way to an eventual green light, and we’re talking roughly eight years.  Yes, eight years of waiting but, in that time, eight years of fleshing out the big picture arcs, the characters, their backstories, the moments, and a slew of surprising twists and turns.

There’s nothing I hate more than watching a show that clearly doesn’t have a plan. One thing I promised viewers from the get-go is that we had a plan, a long term (five season) arc that included narrative elements…

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