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Well, let’s call it 22 hours and counting.

1. Unlike previous years, 2015 offers a very narrow window in which I can take my annual culinary journey to Japan.  And so, after much back and forth, Akemi and I finalized the dates and I spent the better part of three hours booking flights online. Akemi from Vancouver to Osaka.  My sister from Montreal to Vancouver.  Joe from Vancouver to Osaka.  Daisy from Montreal to Vancouver.  Joe and Akemi from Tokyo to Vancouver.   My sister and Daisy from Vancouver to Montreal.  A series of maddening one way flights, seat selections, upgrades to premium economy, and in-flight meal purchases.  When I was finished, weary but satisfied, I moved on to the hotel bookings…and couldn’t find a room.  At any of the local hotels.  Further investigation on Akemi’s part revealed the reason: Silver Week.

“Once in a while the stars align and…

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