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The biggest highlight of my trip to San Diego Comic Con (yes, even bigger than the corn tamales at The Cheesecake Factory) was meeting the fans (Dark Matter and Stargate), at the panel and then one on one on the floor.  I met up with my former Stargate cohort Jenny Stiven and her family, David and Tiffany who I first met back on November 2, 2010 when they won a visit to the set of SGU (, blog regulars Lisa Yimm, Screwball, and Jeanine during the cast signings, Tom and Erin from, and longtime blog lurker and dog enthusiast Beth!  And, of course, there was blog regular Jim Lawson who came bearing gifts: Key lime Oreos – which got me to thinking…When was the last time I did a Weird Food Purchase of the Day video?

Akemi, in particular, really enjoyed them as you can see.


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