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Continuing our behind-the-scenes insight in Dark Matter’s second episode…

1) “Who doesn’t like a good song?”

The boys head down to the planet to complete the delivery and get the hell out of Dodge.  ONE continues to agonize over the situation.  Partly, it’s his desire to take the moral high ground here, but much of it is driven by the guilt he feels.  All evidence suggests that The Raza crew heisted the weapons delivery these miners are anxiously awaiting, their only slim chance at defeating the forces of Ferrous Corp.  Not only will they only be getting HALF the weapons they desperately need but, tragically, they won’t know “no more help is coming.”

For his part, THREE doesn’t seem all that bothered by the approaching calamity and even enjoys himself in the doomed miners’ company, playing drinking games with them while ONE looks on disapprovingly.

Hard to gauge FOUR and…

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