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Ooooh.  Looks like things are heating up aboard The Raza.  What’s in store for our intrepid crew?  Well, if you must know: paranoia, suspicion, revelations, potential sabotage, a shocking discovery, and one of this season’s biggest WTF?! episode enders!

Hey, guess what I did today?  That’s right!  I live tweeted the Dark Matter episode 2 airing with our UK fans.  If I can swing it, I’ll also be live tweeting with Dark Matter fans in France, the Netherlands, and Spain tomorrow.  Check your twitter feeds for the #DarkMatter hashtag!

Hey!  Check out these Dark Matter links:

An interview with the ever-awesome Amanda Tapping on directing, Dark Matter, and her humanitarian work:

“However you look at it, Tapping’s game is tight: directing; mentoring; fundraising; parenting. Her plate is full, and yet, despite her countless passion projects and obligations, Tapping isn’t done with acting. Not by a long shot.”


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